Raul Contreras
Raul Contreras

Cell: (661) 478-1508

Office: (818) 247-2917


Home Office(s):
101 N. Brand Blvd., 14th Floor
Glendale, CA 91203

Cell: (661) 478-1508

Office: (818) 247-2917

Fax: (818) 543-6566

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    Thank you for reaching my new and improved website.

    I have over 30 years of Title experience and bring great value to you and most importantly, to your clients. 

    My support team, underwriting department and customer service department; are available 24/7 and provide the best service possible.

    Thanking you in advance for your continued support and having the confidence in Old Republic Title insuring your clients transactions.

    Call me today at 661-478-1508


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    Raul was personable, friendly and always took my call or was quick to call back. He was professional and was very helpful in giving me information. I would work with Raul again.

    Scott Syme Jr.

    Raul provides superior, consistent customer service for even the toughest cases. I'm glad to have him in my corner!

    Angela Porcell Smith

    Raul Contreras with a lot of knowledge, experience and professional business man. Great asset for us and the company that he works for. Keep up the excellent service and support that you provide.

    Ariel Reza-Gonzalez

    I know Mr. Raul Contreras since 1990. To me, there are so many out there, trying to be so helpful and kind, so many that everyone is always try to be the number one but to this date, after thirty plus years, really, more than 30 years, Raul Contreras is the very best. His knowledge, his know how, his willingness to be there when I needed some help, Raul was always there to help me out. The Title Industry must be more than proud, so happy and honored to count on Mr. Contreras service.


    Raul Contreras is an awesome Title Rep, knowledgeable and helpful. The years of experience he brings to the table help to make our difficult transactions much easier to close and our job as Realtors more enjoyable.

    Vilma Letosky

    Raul Contreras is a true professional and the best title representative out there. Raul is knowledgeable and has the experience to address any title question you may have. Truly a pleasure to work with and brings value to me and my clients.

    Enriqueta "Queto" Olmos

    Rail Contreras has been the title rep I use for many years. He is knowledgeable, and I know he will respond quickly to any request. When I need an answer to a title question, I am confident that Raul will have the answer.

    Bob Montanez

    I have known Raul for quite a few years and he is one of the few guys that you can count on when you need him. Furthermore, he is a straight shooter that tells you what to expect even when things are not what you want.

    Frank Gallo

    Raul is very knowledgeable and very helpful. Always enjoy working with him.


    Raul is absolutely fabulous in every way. If you have him on your team you definitely have the best. Raul is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I have known Raul for years. Raul was there when I first started in this industry and I called on him then and I still call on him today. He is so efficient and he makes things happen immediately, which is of the utmost importance in Real Estate. He is definitely my go to guy because he gives it to you honestly, factually, professionally 24,7

    Karen McLymont

    Raul and I go back 30 years. He has been my go to title rep since 1991. We have seen our children grow together and shared AYSO soccer matches (for and against each other) always enjoying our personal and professional time. He has gone beyond the call of duty in many occasions for my clients and I. His service is exceptional and that makes him a master of his profession.

    Monica Vacas

    Raul You are amazing to work with, The world would be a much better place if more people were like you!

    Giselle Santizo

    Love Raul!! He's the ultimately professional and the standard when it comes to professionalism and attitude! I thank Raul for being the sharpest leader at every event when we would meet in person and always being considerate of all professionals. I truly appreciate him as a great Man and Business Professional.

    Filip Crispino

    Raul is informative and honest. He's dedicated and sincere. He will get you what you need swiftly. He will battle the line of the recorder's office whenever you need! I'm always happy to have Raul on my side!

    Lisa Raddavong-Fricke

    Raul was fast and professional with the help he provided for our transaction. Great service, great results!

    Scott Syme Jr.

    Raul is not only a very hard worker but has a great amount of integrety. He also is a very nice person and a joy to work with.

    Bill Toth

    Raul is someone I know who will always be there. He’s a great guy and is a tremendous asset to our business.

    Victoria Beliso

    Raul is great! Excellent communication, and prompt service.

    leland mah

    Raul is absolutely exceptional. He goes out his way to accommodate all the special situations that come up during transactions. Outstanding service, top notch professional, and a real pleasure to work with.

    Maria Amarillas-DeGilliland

    Raul is a man ready to jump to help and always ready to assist in what we need, thank you Raul a job well done

    Ruben marquez

    Raul will always give you the extra care to make the title process smooth and professional. How many reps will take the time or have the knowledge to explain a prelim to you. Being involved when there truly is a need is priceless. Need something? Give him a call

    Michael Alley

    I’ve been working with Raul for two years now and wow all I can say is I’m very pleased by his professionalism and follow up . He is always there to answer any questions I might need. Thank you so much for your dedication to your clients.

    Yasmeen Fasheh

    I am a Broker and have been working with many titles representatives until I met Raul since them for 10 years or more he has been the most reliable person I ever known he is always immediately responding to my request and helping me in any ways possible, he and his Company Old Republic is definitely the Company and the Rep for my business. You are the Best! Raul Thank you for your excellent services.

    Virginia Aguirre

    Raul is very knowledgeable , pleasant and always ready to provide great service; Its always a pleasure to work with him.

    Betty Ortiz

    he always helped and he is good

    Mike VERDI

    I have been working with Raul for many years now. I fight to use him on every transaction. I have witnessed some Title Reps not respond when something is needed on a transaction. Not Raul! Whenever something needs immediate attention, Raul is “on it” right away. I truly feel Old Republic and Raul are apart of My Team.

    Brett Howard

    I have been working with Raul over 30 years in the real estate, he is one of the best I have ever worked with, anytime he is there for me. All it takes is one phone call and and he can resolve the issue.

    sam maaz

    Raul Contreras is very knowledgeable, resourceful and courteous. He is very responsive and ready to assist in a very timely manner.

    Zepeur Der Hovanessian

    Being in the business of developing affordable housing for low income households, having complete and up to date data is necessary to help drive policy decisions. Raul has been key in providing the information necessary to help make an informed decision on projects and programs that can change lives. I appreciate his high level customer service and work product. Thank you Raul!

    Peter Zovak

    We have been in the mortgage banking industry for over 20 years and we have never worked with someone like Raul. His attention to detail and professionalism is second to none. I can say this with no hesitation, he really does treat us like family.

    George Youhana

    Raul gives superior service in every transaction. I highly recommend Raul if you want everything done perfectly.

    Jo Rich

    Raul gives superior service in every transaction. I highly recommend him if you want everything done perfectly.

    Jo Rich

    Raul is an exceptional Title Rep. Always pleasant, friendly and most importantly Knowledgeable! I always look forward to doing business with him ??

    Cynde Bost

    Raul has been an efficient, dependable and helpful representative of Old Republic. That is why I take all my Title business to him.

    Bill Koehler

    I've known Raul Contreras for about 15 years now . His service is topnotch. He is a true professional who goes above and beyond! Raul has always been a great resource for all title-related issues, questions or concerns. He had actually helped saved a few problematic transactions with his expert guidance. I come from a family of real estate professionals and Raul is family. Thank you, Raul, for providing us with excellent service throughout the years.

    Teri Dunaway

    Raul always provides the best customer service!

    Kirsten Del Valle

    Raul is always prompt and professional and truly details guy. His industry experience and knowledge alone make him a valuable asset to any closing team.

    Kasey R. J. Stevens

    Thank you Raul for sharing your knowledge and for always being responsive and helpful when needed. Always enjoy seeing you.

    Margie Barnes

    Love Raul! He's always been responsive and helpful whenever I've needed him for almost 15 years. Knowledgeable, helpful, patient, kind, all around great human and excellent title rep!

    Michelle Tripodi

    Raul is the best! Always there with a helping hand and quick to get the job done. Always been a great pleasure referring my Title Biz to him. Thanks for for all the 20+ years of professional service and always on top of it all. Always comes in with a smile ands always asks "how are you and everything good?"

    Carol Martin

    Raul is a great title rep and even a better human being. I have always appreciated working with him.

    Nick Avedissian

    Raul knows and understands the real estate and title business and has proven to be an exceptional source of professional help and support to my firm. I am grateful for his knowledge, his gracious personality, and his valuable insight.

    Jack Chammas

    I have known Raul for over 25+years, he is a very knowledgeable Title Rep who is always willing to help and solve any Title related issues. It’s always been a pleasure working with him and knowing him personally.

    Khajak Nazarian

    Raul is a tremendous source of knowledge. I've had the pleasure of working with him for nearly 15 years. Always prompt to respond, and always by my side when needed!

    Arto Poladian

    Raul is extremely knowledgeable caring professional ready to help with a minute notice. He is proactive and provides the best customer service. I recommend Raul for your title needs. Thanks Raul for your service .

    Franchesca McWhorter

    Raul is the most responsive and most informative Title professional I have worked with the past 7 years as a real estate professional. His turnaround time is impeccable and I highly recommend Raul if you want the work done once and done perfectly!

    Edwin Babaian

    I have done business with Raul for over 25 years. He is the “go to” title rep in our office. There is a good reason for that. With Raul we get consistently superior service in every transaction. He is known for being an excellent problem solver regardless of how complicated the title issue may be. And he will do it in a timely manner with a smile! Raul is knowledgeable, dependable, efficient, a consummate professional!

    Dina Novak

    I have worked with Raul for years and you cannot find a more professional and knowledgeable person. He is proactive, always available and extremely helpful. Thank you for all that you do Raul. I highly recommend Raul for all of you title related needs

    Dion Noravian

    I have known Raul Contreras for almost 20 years. He has always been the consummate professional and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He is friendly and helpful. Great to work with.

    Dana Russo

    I've been in this business for quite some time and Raul has over exceeded his customer service and knowledge of the business compared to other title reps out there. Every call gets answered with a cheerful hello. His vast range of knowledge has helped me navigate through some major ordeals and secure the listings. I have not hesitated to refer him to my associates in my office. He stands out among all the title reps out there!!

    Cynthia Bedoy

    Great information I receive from him . Professional, consistent , reliable

    crystal G

    Raul is the hardest working title rep I’ve ever known, and in my opinion, the best title rep in the industry. He frequently stops by my office to ask if anyone needs help, and when I ask for assistance, he is fast, diligent and thorough with any information I need. But above all, Raul is a great guy and a joy to be with. Even if I weren’t in real estate, I’d hang with him anytime!

    Colby Jensen

    Raul is true professional. Always extremely courteous and helpful. He is always willing to give a helping hand. His ability to care and connect is highly admirable. Thank you Raul for the years of exceptional service that you have provided. I appreciate you!

    Alex Soriano