Larry Christian
Larry Christian

Cell: (562) 755-7806

Office: (818) 247-2917


Home Office(s):
101 N. Brand Blvd., 14th Floor
Glendale, CA 91203

Cell: (562) 755-7806

Office: (818) 247-2917

Fax: (818) 543-6566

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    What is your unique opportunity that we can resolve, to be able to insure for you?

    In my brief period of time in the Real Estate industry I have had the opportunity to have worked in Banking, Escrow, Title, and with both parents in Real Estate, have a brief knowledge of Realtors.      Each industry  having their challenges.    I have had the privilege to work with and see some of the best in their respective fields and have come to appreciate their jobs as well.     

    In an industry that had and continues to have the most gifted individuals for resolving title challenges and that I am proud to have worked in for 36 years.   Time flies when you like what you do and it seems like yesterday when I entered the industry.     There has never been a day that I do not look forward to suiting up to meet those challenges.   

    Our Client Services, Title Officers, Underwriters, Sales Managers, and Management are the back bone of Old Republic.  They are friendly, easy to talk with and helpful with experience second to none and it has always been the people at Old Republic Title that make it family.

    Thank You to the Real Estate community for the trust you have in us to let us close your transactions, to the escrow Personnel for your tireless efforts in closing these transactions and to the Legal Community for the unique present day life challenges.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t say Thank you for the work that I am able to do.

    We are always at the ready to assist you.   With gratitude call to connect with us at   562-755-7806.

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    Have worked with Larry for over 30 years. He is very knowledgeable about title and escrow, he is honest and will answer any question you may have. Any title and escrow related subject Larry has the information or contact sources. He has a vast knowledge! Thank you Larry for all your contribution to the Real Estate industry

    Vali and Dianna Merchant

    Larry is very knowledgeable and professional! Top notch service, attention to detail, he is more than simply a title rep, I feel very secure and confident in having Larry and ORTC handle my deals, I can rest assure knowing that Larry will get things done and not put anything on the back burner. He is simply amazing, his team is amazing and I am grateful for their service on my transactions. Larry is the BEST!

    Dena Freedman

    I have known Larry since forever, (over 40 years) Every order that I control as a Real Estate Agent/loan officer everyone knows goes to him. He is a guarantee that any title issues that arises during the transaction are resolved w/no worries. He's great with any/all transactions; Probates, exchanges, foreclosures, strange and out of the ordinary escrows. Larry is more than just a title rep. He is my go to guy for everything real estate. . He is invaluable, he is ORT.

    Mary Harman

    Larry is simply the best. When I've used him, he has always gone above and beyond. For that, I am forever indebted.

    Yolie Andrade

    Larry has been my Title Rep ever since I got into real estate 21 years ago. More than a couple times, he has saved my bacon! For most transactions, Title Insurance is a necessary but low drama part of a sales transaction. Occasionally however, TI is a pivotal part of the deal. When it is, Larry shines! He stays with the problem and follows it up to its conclusion. LOVE having Larry on my side!

    Steve Sundin

    I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with Larry since I began my Real Estate journey over 26 years ago. As a new agent, he was my mentor and support on every transaction and, throughout the years, has shown an unwavering commitment to professionalism, going above and beyond to ensure that my transactions flow smoothly from start to close. I have no doubt Larry will exhibit the same dedication and professionalism to your business as he continues to do with mine.

    Claudia Lissin

    I have worked with Larry Christian for almost 30 years now. He always comes through for me. Humble and thoughtful man but he knows his business inside and out. He has NEVER let me down when it comes to closing a transaction and I have done hundreds of transactions with him over the years.

    Steven Lazerson

    It is interesting that the first comment I see was from Claudia Todd, a Broker who has also known Larry 30 years. I know others who have known Larry 30+ years. This alone speaks to the quality of a man that he is. We both enjoy studying the many facets of the economy that impact real estate. His breadth and depth of knowledge is the foundation of the many contributions he makes to us. Thank you, Larry

    Joe Vera

    I've known and worked with Larry for 30 years now and I will continue requesting Larry and Old Republic. He has handled nearly every type of real estate transaction for both my clients and my family's business. What is unique about Larry is that he is not only a rep but is extremely knowledgable about ALL the workings of title. I want Larry on my team because if "something" comes up, he is absolutely the one to know and source out a solution. I always request Old Republic and Larry Christian!

    Claudia Todd