Roshan Shafi
Roshan Shafi

Cell: (206) 371-9029

Office: (206) 441-2978


Home Office(s):
Seattle Escrow
601 Union Street STE 1501
Seattle, WA 98101

Cell: (206) 371-9029

Office: (206) 441-2978

Fax: (206) 748-9978

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    Hello! My name is Roshan Shafi. Welcome to Old Republic Title and Escrow!

    I have lived in Seattle since 1997. I have worked in the title and escrow business for 19 years and can say that I have seen alot in this industry and it seems to change every day. Prior to this I was in mortgage for 24 months when rates were in the mid 8% range. I found out about the rigors of the mortgage industry when I was an escrow assistant for 18 months. That was a lifetime of experience in multi-tasking and getting a global perspective.

    I have been in the real estate industry for over 22 years. I have in recent years helped develop our commercial and builder service team to record numbers. Along with this I have assisted countless agents, developers and investors to connect and achieve their financial goals.

    My mission in life and work is to help people achieve health and wealth in their lives because I care about who I work with! I strive to help my clients with all aspects of their business. I want to assist you in reducing a hassle factor, reducing an expense, bring you more business and help you make more time for yourself and your loved ones. It is my goal to ensure all of your transactions close with meticulous execution so you look good in front of your clients and colleagues.

    Everything I do is for my family, my wife of 11 years and my nine year old son. I try my best to have a healthy work family balance and I challenge each and every one of my clients to do the same. A happy home is a happy heart and mind!

    Some of my passions are cycling, river rafting, snowboarding, surfing and going to the beach with my family. One of my new passions is home improvement. Go Hawks!


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