• REGISTRATION & PAYMENT DEADLINE: Please register & pay by 8 AM on the class date.

  • WEBINAR ACCESS LINK: Once registered, you will receive an email with the webinar access link THE DAY BEFORE THE WEBINAR and 1 hour before the webinar. If you register within 24 hours of the webinar, you may only get the 1 hour before email.

  • If you don't need CE, you do NOT need to pay.

  • The email you register with will be the email that your access link and follow-up email will go to. Be sure you register with with a valid e-mail with no typos.

Questions? E-mail GrowWithUs@OldRepublicTitle.com 

To receive CE Credit, you must:

  1. Join Zoom with your unique registration link BEFORE scheduled start time.
  2. STAY ON VIDEO: Be present and visible to course monitor 100% of course time.
  3. If you happen to get disconnected, please reconnect as quickly as possible to receive CE Credit.
  4. NO DRIVING: If you are driving on video while attending a CE course, you will be reimbursed your payment and will not receive CE credit.
  5. VALID ID (DRIVER'S LICENSE):  TREC requires that you to provide valid identification (ex. driver's license). When you register and pay, you will be asked to upload a valid ID. Your ID will be deleted after class & only used to confirm your attendance.
  • Course CE credits will be submitted to TREC within the required 10 days from course completion date.
  • TREC acknowledges the date the class was held as the date that your CE credit was received. 


Questions? E-mail GrowWithUs@OldRepublicTitle.com

Within 24 hours after class, you will be reimbursed your CE payment if you:

  1. Do not attend - No Show
  2. Do not follow the CE requirements remaining on video 100% of class.
  3. Driving a vehicle while attending a webinar class. 

Questions? E-mail GrowWithUs@OldRepublicTitle.com 

  • After class, you will receive a follow-up e-mail from your sales executive or Gina Carter within 24-48 hours.  

  • If there are presentation slides, handouts, or additional resources mentioned in class, we will send you them in the follow-up e-mail. 

  • If you are receiving an email from us for the first time or do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam, junk, or if in Gmail, promotions inbox.

Questions? E-mail GrowWithUs@OldRepublicTitle.com