Virginia Directory

Virginia - Northern Division

Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
7960 Donegan Drive
Suite 247
Manassas, VA 20109
(703) 365-2300
(703) 365-2400 Fax
(800) 232-6817

Kevin T. Pogoda, Esq., Vice President of ORNTIC; Northern Virginia State Manager
Business Issues; Underwriting Issues and Claims & Coverage Issues
(651) 276-4937 Mobile

T. Rauch
T. Stewart Rauch, Assistant Vice President and Counsel
(703) 298-5079 Mobile

Joseph Zanelotti
Joseph Zanelotti, Associate Counsel
(202) 870-8857 Mobile

M. Meloon
Megan Meloon, Assistant Vice President; Agency Representative
(703) 789-0622 Mobile

M. Meloon
Sharron Kennovin, Agency Representative
(202) 308-8395 Mobile

Y. Lemus
Yolanda Lemus-Castro, Agency Auditor
Policy Processing and Agency Support

R. Beckwith
Rose Beckwith, Policy Processor

Erin Bauer

Erin Bauer,
Remittance Administrator

Wanda Delph
Wanda Delph, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
1245 Mall Drive
N. Chesterfield, VA 23235
(804) 897-5499
(804) 288-4090
(888) 859-9222

K. Creasman
Kay M. Creasman, Assistant Vice President; Counsel
Underwriting Issues; Policy Approval; Agency Relations
1245 Mall Drive
N. Chesterfield, VA 23229
804-897-9679 FAX
804-475-1765 Mobile

Virginia - Southern Division

Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
1800 Bayberry Court, Suite 104
Richmond, VA 23226
804-282-0865 FAX
866-232-2021 Toll Free

Donald V. Cruickshanks, Vice President of ORNTIC
804-281-7480 Office

Mark H. Hathaway, Commercial Transaction Counsel
804-281-7499 Office
804-350-4545 Mobile

William H. Hollerith, Commercial Transactions Attorney
Direct Dial: 804-281-7482
Cell: 804-629-0220

Kevin L. Hall, Senior Auditor
Quality Assurance and Training Officer
1800 Bayberry Court, Suite 104
Richmond, VA 23226
757-257-066 FAX

Scott A. Johnson, Assistant Vice President; Title Officer
804-281-7481 Office
804-366-1638 Mobile

Clyde M. (Morty) Weaver, Jr., Assistant Vice President; Business Development Officer
804-281-7488 Office
804-356-5474 Mobile

Rachel Yancey, Senior Agency Account Coordinator
804-281-7485 Office

Melinda M. Fravel, Abstract Officer
804-281-7490 Office
804-380-8263 Mobile

Leah H. Gilmore, Assistant Abstract Officer
804-281-7491 Office

Katie O'Donoghue, Title Plant Manager
804-281-7483 Office

Pam Miles, Back Title Clerk
804-281-7493 Office

Sharon Collins, Reviewer/Typist
804-281-7495 Office

Kelly Williams, Office Administrator
804-281-7494 Office

Melissa Goodman, Back Title Imaging Clerk
804-281-7496 Office

Laura Koning, Back Title Clerk
804-281-7479 Office

Lashanda Hileman, Data Entry Clerk

Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
828 Main Street
16th Floor
Lynchburg, VA 24504
(855) 291-4799

Patty Gordon, Branch Manager
(855) 291-4799 Office