400 Second Avenue South

Minneapolis, Minnesota  55401-2499   



(612)-371-1124 FAX



TO:              All Company Locations and Agency Managers


FROM:         Jim Uecker

                   John Cleaveland


DATE:          August 15, 2002







As you may be aware, Conseco, Inc., the parent of Conseco Finance Corp. (“CFC”), has been experiencing significant financial difficulties.  Although the potential impact of these problems on CFC is uncertain, it is recommended that from this date forward each transaction involving CFC be monitored closely.  Prior to disbursing funds on a CFC transaction, please make sure all appropriate “good funds” procedures have been closely followed or that you have received a wire transfer or cashiers check.


If any questions should arise or if you experience any difficulties with the settlement of a CFC transaction, please contact your manager or state counsel immediately.