The following is a summary of the core services provided by

Old Republic Relocation Services:

  • Title Services

    Utilizing a national network of Old Republic Title direct operations and policy-issuing, independent title agents, a search of public records is completed and title commitment prepared.  The title work sent to our Customer will include municipal searches, property taxes (periods covered and when/where to make payments) and disclosure items that might affect the sale of the property.  We will provide prompt, cost effective and quality solutions for handling curative issues to avoid any delays in equity disbursement or resale closing.

  • Document Preparation

    All documents necessary to transfer the property from the Transferee are prepared.  When appropriate, we utilize our network of attorneys to prepare these documents.  An explanation of the documents is included when the document package is sent to the Transferee or to the Customer.

  • Mobile Notary and Electronic Signatures

    Documents requiring notarization can be signed and notarized at a time and place convenient to the Transferee, including nights and weekends with OR SigningPro®, Old Republic Title’s nationwide panel of fully vetted signing professionals.  Designed to deliver an unsurpassed Transferee experience, notaries understand the unique signing requirements for relocation transactions.  Click here for more information.


    Most non-notarized documents can be delivered and signed electronically, decreasing turn times and greatly improving tracking and reporting capabilities.

  • Equity Calculations

    After reviewing all lien information (mortgage, HOA dues, taxes, utilities, etc.) the seller's estimated equity or final equity is calculated and an equity statement is issued.  A 1099-S is prepared and filed if necessary; documentation is retained per IRS guidelines.

  • Loan Payoffs & Deed Recordation

    If a Customer wishes to payoff a loan, Old Republic Relocation Services will advise of the amount of the payoff and wire payoff funds to the lender, once funds are received from the customer.  If a home is taken into inventory, all fees necessary to record the deed will be requested and sent with the deed to the local county recorder.  The file will be monitored until the recorded release and/or deed have been confirmed.

  • Coordination of Resale Closing

    Working closely with the local office/attorney, seller figures are obtained and reviewed to ensure that they comply with the contract and the Customer’s specific guidelines.  For deficit closings, an estimate will be provided upon receipt of the real estate contract, enabling the Customer to arrange for deficit funds to be available by the closing date.  Closing figures and documentation are sent to the Customer for approval, and the file is disbursed according to Customer guidelines.

  • Nominee Services

    For dual deed transactions, Old Republic Diversified Services, Inc. can hold title as Nominee, so the Customer does not have the exposure of entering the public chain of title.

  • Employee Loan Oversight

    Employee loan services are facilitated by providing a limited title search to secure the loan at origination, coordinating the preparation and recording of documents as well as preparation and recording of the lien release once the loan is paid in full.

  • And more...

    Old Republic Relocation Services will customize a variety of additional services including, but not limited to, account reconciliation, direct reimbursement, individualized Customer reports, destination title and closing services, as well as ongoing industry training and education.  Please contact us for more information.

Old Republic Title’s underwriters are Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and American Guaranty Title Insurance Company. Last updated 1/2018


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