Warehouse Lenders Postpone Vetting

Many of you are aware Anne Anastasi, Old Republic Title’s Director of Agency and Lender Education, has been working tirelessly to educate lenders about just how good Old Republic Title agents are when it comes to title and settlement services. Anne has worked diligently to educate the lenders on how Old Republic Title works with our agents, providing  guidance and direction on practices and procedures that protect the consumer, the lender and the agent alike. Anne also provided the lenders with details on how Old Republic Title frequently monitors and reviews our agents along the way. The efforts of Anne, many of our agents and the Old Republic Title managers who have reached out and told the story to the lenders have started to bear fruits of success. Today we are very excited to announce we learned  two large warehouse lenders have announced they are currently postponing, until further notice, the implementation of any independent third party evaluation or vetting process.

We consider this announcement a significant favorable turn of events, but by no means is Old Republic Title thinking our work is done. We will continue our initiative to  the educate lenders. We will continue to carry the flag for our agents and keep you in the game. Thank you all for your support.  





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