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Alert!  Fraudulent Loan & Short Sale Scam


We have recently been notified of a new type of fraud involving short sales. The elements of the fraud are described below:

1.    There is an existing first lien mortgage securing a loan from an institutional lender.

2.    A new fraudulent mortgage is recorded. The fraudulent mortgage has no title company identifiers and appears to be uninsured. The lender shown on the fraudulent mortgage is a private lender not an institutional lender.

3.    A fraudulent release of the first lien mortgage is recorded.

4.    A few months after the fraudulent mortgage is recorded, we are asked to insure a short sale where the purported new lender on the fraudulent mortgage is accepting less than the amount owed.

5.    The lender holding the first lien mortgage, which was actually never released, starts foreclosure.

The fraudulent mortgage is often signed by the owner as part of a foreclosure rescue scam, but of course there is no actual loan and the first lien mortgage was never paid.

The release is a very good forgery and gives the illusion that the fraudulent mortgage was a refinance of the first lien mortgage. Below are red flags that can help you identify this type of fraud.

http://www.oldrepublictitle.com/vanational/newsletter/littleredflag.jpgRed Flag #1

The new fraudulent mortgage appears to be uninsured.

http://www.oldrepublictitle.com/vanational/newsletter/littleredflag.jpgRed Flag #2

The new lender on the fraudulent mortgage is a private lender.

http://www.oldrepublictitle.com/vanational/newsletter/littleredflag.jpgRed Flag #3

The lender is allegedly agreeing to a short sale only a few months after making the loan. Short sales typically do not involve recent loans.

If you are asked to insure a short sale where the loan was made within the last two years please be cautious of these red flags indicating a possible fraudulent transaction and do not hesitate to contact underwriting for assistance.



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