PA Production Manual

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PDF  Title Search Request Form
PDF  Tax Sale Search Request Form
PDF  Sheriff's Sale Search Request Form
PDF  Criminal Forfeiture Search Request Form

The purpose of this Manual is to give specific instructions and information to agents who wish to utilize the services of Old Republic's Production unit.

Our Production Department can be reached at:
(800) 842-2080
(610) 422-2646 - fax

The most efficient way to submit your application is by e-mail using our department's group address or by completing the online application on our website In the event that electronic submission is not available, please feel free to fax the attached application to us.

Please try to include any information you may have such as deed books, parcel or folio numbers, complete names, lot numbers for new construction, etc.  Also, please give us any information you might have as to the status of the owners as to death, divorce, bankruptcies, etc.

Every order is promptly acknowledged with an confirmation letter.  If you do not receive a confirmation, it is your responsibility to contact the Production Coordinator.

Charges for production services vary based on the particular services being provided, search, commitment, recording, counties where property is located and volume of activity. For a complete list of pricing, please contact our production department at or call 800-842-2080.