State Licensing Requirements

Insurance Requirements

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Summary of Requirements

  • The first step in the process of becoming a Pennsylvania Title Insurance Agent is to Register Your Company with the Commonwealth
    • Note - your company name cannot include the word, "title," "title company," "title insurance company," "guaranty," "guarantee," "guaranty company," "guarantee company," or similar combination thereof
    • If your current company name contains any of those words, you must Register for a Fictitious Name with the state.
    • You can register your company or fictitious name online - click here.
  • Each agency must be licensed with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and within each agency you must have at least one licensed individual.
  • Even if you are licensed in another state, the individual must take the licensing exam.
    • If your state does not issue title agency licenses, then the entity will need to complete a paper application and submit it to the Insurance Department with a letter explaining the paper application is being filed in lieu of an online application due to the fact that your home state does not license agencies and the online application could not be completed.  Click here to print a paper application, then click on "application."
    • There are no pre-licensing education credits needed to sit for the exam.
    • Click here to view the continuing education credit requirements
  • Each agency must meet the proper E&O coverage along with a Surety Bond and a Fidelity Bond. (see below insurance section for details) If the agency's owners are the only people to handle the funds, the Fidelity Bond can be waived with the completion of the appropriate waiver form. The Fidelity Bond Waiver must be submitted to the Insurance Department either via fax (717) 787-8553, email, or US Mail - 1209 Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, PA 17120.
  • Each agent must complete 24 continuing education requirements within a 24-month license period to maintain their license. Non-resident agents are subject to Pennsylvania CE requirements, regardless of CE requirements met in their resident state.  Title Insurance Agents do not have reciprocity with other states.
  • Attorneys can submit a Continuing Education Waiver form and, therefore, only need to complete 3 CE credits for each 24-month license period, as long as they are compliant with their CLE credits. The waiver must be submitted to the Insurance Department either via fax (717) 787-8553, email, or US Mail - 1209 Strawberry Square; Harrisburg, PA 17120.

The Licensing Process


To apply for your Agency License online click here. The cost is $55 and you will need your registration number given to you by the Commonwealth when you registered your agency to do business in PA.


  • The easiest way to apply for your individual license is online at the testing location. It is strongly recommended that you bring a credit card with you (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) since you will be able to apply for your license at the testing center through Sircon once you pass your exam.
  • Once you have passed your exam, (Exam Information) you are now eligible to apply for your producer license. You need to apply electronically through Sircon at as the Insurance Department no longer accepts paper applications. You will be given the opportunity to submit an electronic application at the testing center. Click here for fee information.
  • Please check with the State and/or your local Prometrics testing center to inquire about their specific fingerprinting requirements. Currently it is a requirement to be fingerprinted locally in the State of Pennsylvania.

Exam & Study Information

In order to become a title agent in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you need to take an exam and score a 70% or higher.  The examination contains 60 questions and is limited to one hour.  Please use the link below for information regarding the licensing process, exam locations, content outlines, fingerprinting requirements, etc.


Study Information

There are two resources for exam study materials

  • The Cape School offers an online interactive self-study course. To order, call 888-227-3331.
  • The Pennsylvania Land Title Institute offers a comprehensive study guide to taking the Pennsylvania title agent licensing exam.
    • The PLTI Guidelines Course covers:
      • Insurance regulation
      • General insurance concepts
      • Real Property principles
      • Title insurance principles
      • Title exceptions and procedures for clearing the title
      • Real estate transactions
    • Additional Materials
      • Examination procedure check list
      • Full copy of the Pennsylvania Title Insurance Code
      • Full copies of the ALTA Owner's and Loan Policies of October 17, 1992
    • Guidelines are Reviewed Annually
      • Many areas of the law influence title practices and procedures, and changes within these laws will often modify practices. Additionally, the test outlines are periodically subject to revision by the Department of Insurance. Therefore, PLTI pays meticulous attention to the material in this course so that the prospective land title insurance agent has the most up-to-date information available to study for the licensing exam.
      • Upon passing the agent's licensing test, the newly licensed agent may apply to PLTI to obtain the first of the continuing education credits needed to maintain his or her license.
    • For a deeper understanding of the concepts in the Guidelines, also taking PLTI's Home Study Course, Fundamentals of Pennsylvania Real Estate and Land Title Insurance Practices, will give a prospective title agent a thorough preparation for the test plus a solid foundation in title insurance practices to build a career upon. Each section of the Home Study course is worth 15 CE credits. PLTI is offering a special package plan for both courses.
    • For additional information on obtaining these Guidelines, contact the PLTA/PLTI at, call (610) 265-5980 or visit their website at

Testing Center Locations
Click here for a complete list:

  • Choose Pennsylvania Insurance
  • Then USA and Pennsylvania
  • Click on "Locate a Test Center"
  • Choose "Agents Title Insurance"
  • Enter your zip code and click next to retrieve a list of locations


When applying for your title agency producer's license you need to provide proof to the underwriter and to the Commonwealth of the following insurances:

  • Errors & Omissions Policy - $250,000/$500,000 with a deductible no larger than $25,000.
  • Blanket Fidelity Bond - at least $150,000 to protect against theft by employees
  • Surety Bond - at least $100,000 to protect against theft by officers, directors, partners or other owners

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Please contact our office with any questions you may have regarding the licensing process.