Oklahoma Directory



Oklahoma City Operations - Corporate Office
Old Republic Title Company of Oklahoma
4040 North Tulsa
Oklahoma City, OK 73112-2461
(405) 942-4848
(405) 942-6482 FAX - Corporate & Escrow
(405) 949-0597 FAX - Title Operations
(405) 947-6894 FAX - Title Operations

Driving Directions

Chaney Haynes, President of ORTCOK; Oklahoma State Manager
email: chaynes@oldrepublictitle.com

Jeff Noble, Senior Vice President of ORTCOK; General Counsel
email: jnoble@oldrepublictitle.com

Carla Hawkins, Vice President & Controller of ORTCOK
email: chawkins@oldrepublictitle.com

Martha Sizemore, Vice President of ORTCOK; Payroll Supervisor; HR Manager
email: msizemore@oldrepublictitle.com

Kathy Barnicoat, Vice President of ORTCOK; Title Administrator
email: kbarnicoat@oldrepublictitle.com

Tressa Herzfeld, Vice President of ORTCOK; Oklahoma County Title Operations Manager
email: therzfeld@oldrepublictitle.com

Joan Cunningham, Vice President of ORTCOK; Sales Director
email: jcunningham@oldrepublictitle.com

Liz Potts, Escrow Manager of ORTCOK
email: lpotts@oldrepublictitle.com

Barbara Chatman, Commercial Escrow Manager
email: bchatman@oldrepublictitle.com

Becky Feikema, Residential Escrow Manager
email: bfeikema@oldrepublictitle.com

Vanessa Shadix, Oklahoma Agency Representative
email: vshadix@oldrepublictitle.com

Edmond Office
Old Republic Title Company of Oklahoma
2110 S. Broadway
Edmond, OK 73013-4021
(405) 340-1737
(405) 340-6437 FAX

Driving Directions

Cindy Swanda, Escrow Manager
email: cswanda@oldrepublictitle.com

El Reno Office
Old Republic Title Company of Oklahoma
215 N. Bickford
El Reno, OK 73036-2714
(405) 262-5577
(405) 262-5658 FAX

Driving Directions

Jackie Ogilvie, Escrow Manager
email: jogilvie@oldrepublictitle.com

Dona Stribel, Vice President of ORTCOK; Canadian County Title OperationsManager
email: stribel@oldrepublictitle.com

Midwest City Office
Old Republic Title Company of Oklahoma
1338 South Douglas Blvd.
Midwest City, OK 73110-5248
(405) 737-4834
(405) 737-0428 FAX

Driving Directions

Arianne Russell, Escrow Manager
email: arussell1@oldrepublictitle.com

Mustang Office
Old Republic Title Company of Oklahoma
1448 N. Mustang Road, Suite 100
Mustang, OK 73064
(405) 376-1966
(405) 376-0884 FAX

Driving Directions

Sandy Ricketts, Escrow Manager
email: sricketts@oldrepublictitle.com

Twyla Cobbs, Escrow Manager
email: tcobbs@oldrepublictitle.com
(405) 324-7878
(405) 324-7555 FAX

Nichols Hills Office
Old Republic Title Company of Oklahoma
5627 N. Classen Blvd., Ste. 101
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
(405) 848-1448
(405) 848 6539 FAX

Driving Directions

Pam Schrader, Escrow Manager
email: pschrader@oldrepublictitle.com

Memorial Rd. Office
Old Republic Title Company of Oklahoma
5708 NW 135th, Suite A
Oklahoma City, OK 73142
(405) 722-3014
(405) 722-3091 FAX

Located on the SE corner of Memorial and McArthur

Driving Directions

Kay Riggs, Escrow Manager

Jana Thompson, Escrow Officer

Southwest Office
Old Republic Title Company of Oklahoma
1614 Greenbriar Place
Oklahoma City, OK 73159-7641
(405) 691-8845
(405) 691-0582 FAX

Driving Directions

Kristal Beard, Escrow Manager
email: kbeard@oldrepublictitle.com

Susan Mitts, Escrow Officer
email: smitts@oldrepublictitle.com

Yukon Office
Old Republic Title Company of Oklahoma
1609 Professional Circle
Yukon, OK 73099-6314
(405) 354-4848
(405) 354-0636 FAX

Driving Directions

Gaye Liddle, Escrow Manager
email: gliddle@oldrepublictitle.com

Jan Foreman, Sales Representative
email: jforeman@oldrepublictitle.com

Weatherford Office
Old Republic Title Company of Oklahoma
105 South Broadway, Ste. 105
Weatherford, OK 73096-5746
(580) 772-3152
(580) 772-3369 FAX

Driving Directions

Nancy Smith, Escrow Manager
email: nsmith@oldrepublictitle.com

Gretchen Vogt, Escrow Officer
email: gvogt@oldrepublictitle.com

Moore Office
Old Republic Title Company of Oklahoma
2733 S I-35 Service Road
Moore, OK 73160
(405) 912-4560
(405) 912-4861 FAX

Driving Directions

Denise Hutson, Escrow Manager
email: dhutson@oldrepublictitle.com

Norman Office
Old Republic Title Company of Oklahoma
3600 W. Main, Suite 150
Norman, OK 73072
(405) 364-1702
(405) 364-1764 FAX

Driving Directions

Kelly Clark, Escrow Manager
email: kclark@oldrepublictitle.com

Cherie Knapple, Escrow Officer
email: cknapple@oldrepublictitle.com

Norman Title Operations
Old Republic Title Company of Oklahoma
1832 W Main St., Ste 106
Norman, OK 73069
(405) 321-7577
(405) 321-3833 FAX

Jonathan Leavey, Vice President of ORTCOK; Cleveland County Title Operations Manager
email: jleavey1@oldrepublictitle.com