Interval Ownership

Interval Ownership Division


Timeshare is a method of use and/or shared ownership of vacation real estate where buyers acquire a period of time (often one week) in a condominium, apartment or other type of vacation accommodation. Timeshare is also known as "vacation ownership".

Deeded and Points Ownership

Types of Timeshare include Deeded Ownership and Points Membership. In a majority of resorts today, your vacation ownership interest will include a deeded interest in real estate. Other projects are set up similar to a membership where you purchase a number of points equivalent to a length of stay at the resort.

Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership, while not Timeshare, is also a deeded interest in real estate normally consisting of ownership divided into intervals of 1/6 of a year (60 days) or more for second home buyers or vacation ownership.