Old Republic International Corporation

Our Mission

For Customers:

To strive constantly to reduce our costs in order to deliver competitive, high quality insurance protection and related services at reasonable prices.

To anticipate customers' needs and to respond in a timely manner with appropriate programs, products and services within our sphere of competence.

To research and experiment with new ideas to encourage innovation in existing or new products and services.

To strive to achieve responsive and lasting customer relationships.

To maintain excellent financial strength, and to honor all just claims fairly and courteously.

For Employees:

To provide a challenging environment in which our employees are given the tools and opportunity to achieve personal growth that leads to a sense of accomplishment and of making a contribution to our business.

To foster a participative climate that's receptive to employee suggestions in meeting the Company's  stated objectives on behalf of its customers and shareholders.

To respect their dignity, recognize their merit, and strive for fairness in their total compensation.

For Shareholders:

To retain competent management whose actions and decisions on behalf of customers, employees, and shareholders are just and ethical.

To achieve favorable underwriting results so as to make sustainable profits that provide a fair return on equity, and justify our shareholders' long-term investment.

To pursue overall corporate objectives with the long term perspective inherent in the promises of our insurance policies and services.

To adhere to an operating philosophy that stresses integrity, long-term strategy, and hands-on, non-bureaucratic management of the Company's business.

For Society:

To be good corporate citizens in the communities in which we live and work by supporting good works and bearing our fair share of taxes.

To guard and be worthy of the public trust vested in our insurance companies.