Who We Are

For more than 100 years, Old Republic National Title Insurance Company has distinguished itself as a large underwriter focused on supporting quality, local, independent title agents. Through the creation of the National Agency Services (NAS) group, Old Republic Title now extends its experience, resources and financial strength to support regional and national agents across the country.

That is why NAS is careful in whom they select to bring into the Old Republic Title family. As a result of our selection process, the agents NAS chooses to partner with are among the most respected and skilled in the business. By only working with the best local, regional and national agents; the Old Republic Title Insurance Group*, of which Old Republic National Title Insurance Company is a member; has been able to maintain the overall highest ratings in the industry for over 20 consecutive years. No other title insurer can make that claim.

NAS' selectiveness in choosing agents allows us to provide the lending and real estate communities with the confidence that they are receiving accurate and compliant products and services. This unique combination of our financial strength, superior ratings and agent selection process continues to fuel Old Republic Title's growth and success in the market place.

Why choose Old Republic Title? Here are just a few things that set us apart from the competition:


As you may know, in order to be competitive, underwriters offer similar products, rates, forms and coverages. Old Republic Title takes it a step further by partnering with their agent.

Old Republic Title does not keep the most desirable transactions for their own direct operations while trickling down the less desirable projects to their independent agents. We do not restrict the geographic areas our agents can operate or the products they can offer. We understand that your growth is our growth, just as your success is ours. That’s why we make sure to provide our agents with the tools they need to grow and succeed, including:

  • - Training, Seminars and Continued Legal Education
  • - Detailed Monthly Claim Reports
  • - National Licensing Assistance
  • - National and Regional Underwriting Assistance
  • - Access to Other Divisions Within the National Services Group


The truth of the matter is that some underwriters don't provide the nationwide coverage needed by today's regional and multistate agents. This severely limits an agent's ability to succeed if one can only provide products and services to its lending and real estate customers in a handful of the states. More often than not, in situations like this, customers have no other choice than to seek another title provider.

At Old Republic Title, we're licensed in 49 states and the District of Columbia! If your agency has national operations or is looking to expand, joining the Old Republic Title family will provide you with the access you need to service these markets. Plus, we provide our agents with local underwriting support that is able to quickly assist you with the problems unique to your area of operation.


NAS is committed to keeping its agents well-informed and up-to-date on changes affecting the industry. That means you stay in the loop on new rules, regulations and developments that affect your business.

Moreover, we are committed to not only supporting, but serving as an advocate for our agents. That’s why our contribution in the Title Industry Political Action Committee (TIPAC) and memberships in the American Land Title Association (ALTA), Real Estate Service Providers Council, Inc. (RESPRO and several other industry organizations are so important. Old Republic Title is dedicated to making sure the voice and concerns of independent agents are heard and addressed.


The settlement services industry looks nothing like it did 10 years ago and continues to be ever-changing. That's why now more than ever, training is critical to maintaining a growing and competitive regional and national agency.

Old Republic Title provides agent training seminars throughout the year on a local or regional basis and once a year, holds seminars for agents operating in a multistate environment.

We also offer specific issue-based and support training. For instance, our "Shared Success" program is a shining example of how we assist agents in their success through direct marketing and sales training tailored to each agent's markets.


For more than 20 consecutive years, the Old Republic Title Insurance Group* has been the overall highest rated title insurer in the nation. No other title insurer can make this claim. Competitors often tout how much premium they generate and how big they are, but this doesn't provide the peace of mind that comes from unparalleled financial strength.

Keep in mind that financial strength is of the utmost importance to your lending and real estate customers. Many large lending institutions maintain approved underwriter lists and if you choose a partner that is not selected by your lending client, then your agency won't get the deal. What the real estate industry needs is financial strength and stability they can count on. Old Republic Title works hard to make sure the majority of lending clients have us on their approved vendor list, providing your agency with this assurance.


For over a century, Old Republic Title has been protecting the American Dream of homeownership. We are proud of our ability to honor our commitments and stand behind our obligations. Plus, we're committed to doing business with integrity, and to offering a suite of exceptional products and services, all which support your success!


Are you not currently licensed nationwide, but interested in doing so? Old Republic Title can help! By working with Old Republic Title Packaged Services (ORPAK), NAS helps its agents service customers beyond their licensed states. This allows you to maintain important relationships without interruptions in service.


Old Republic Title has a century-strong reputation for doing things the right way. In fact, our dedication to upholding ethical business practices and honoring our commitments is the foundation upon which we operate. This is reflected in our high ratings, and our ability to support agents and customers in their times of need and on the road to success.


 *Members of the Old Republic Title Insurance Group (ORTIG) are: Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, Mississippi Valley Title Insurance Company and American Guaranty Title Insurance Company.