The many mysteries of the Land Court are unlocked and revealed in the recently published Land Court Guidelines. Justice Mark Green of the Land Court, assisted by a select group of conveyancers, complied this manual to assist the public and the bar in dealing with the filing of registered land papers. These Guidelines were previously available only to court personnel.

The full text of the Guidelines is available at, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly’s website. Click on “Important Documents”, enter your user name and password, enter “Land Court” in the search box, and click “Search”. Click on the Guidelines and the full text appears.

Some older Court rules and regulations have been relaxed to take note of current real estate practices. For example: (1) LLC and LLP documents may be filed in the registry districts without Court pre-approval; (2) registry districts may make hand written notes on a certificate of title to indicate an agreement has expired by its terms or by statute; (3) Certificates of Good Standings from the Secretary of State are now good for 60 days rather than the former 30 day period; (4) attorneys can submit a proposed form of certificate of title to expedite issuance of a final certificate; and (5) documents altered by the parties thereto may be registered subject to review by the local registry district officials.

All the secret rules of the Land Court are now available to the public through review of these Guidelines.