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Old Republic National Title Insurance Company Offices

Jeff Webb, Vice President, South Texas Division Manager
e-mail: jwebb@oldrepublictitle.com

Houston Operations - Post Oak
777 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 100
Houston, TX 77056
(713) 626-9220
(281) 715-5693 eFax
Free Reserved parking spaces located inside the parking garage on the 1st level as you enter from Hollyhurst Ln.

All visitors please check in at Suite 100 for closing.
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Monique Modica, Houston Division Sales Manager
e-mail: mmodica@oldrepublictitle.com

Jodi Lozano, Escrow Operations Manager, Houston Division
(713) 552-7366
e-mail: jlozano1@oldrepublictitle.com

Debbie Youens, Branch Manager and Houston Division Escrow Manager
(713) 552-7326
e-mail: dyouens@oldrepublictitle.com

Residential Escrow Officers

Pam Longley, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7317

Amy Mancuso, Assistant
(713) 552-7367

Diane New, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7306
e-mail: dnew@oldrepublictitle.com

Karen Caulfield, Assistant
(713) 552-7308
e-mail: kcaulfield@oldrepublictitle.com

Terry Baca, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7311
e-mail: tbaca@oldrepublictitle.com

Joyne Samnaneveth, Assistant
(713) 552-7373
e-mail: jsamnaneveth@oldrepublictitle.com

Maggie Ling, Assistant
(713) 552-7313
e-mail: mling@oldrepublictitle.com

Sydney Samuels
Sydney Samuels, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7342
e-mail: ssamuels@oldrepublictitle.com

Larissa Kornienko, Assistant
(713) 552-7339
e-mail: lkornienko@oldrepublictitle.com

Margaret Burnside
Margaret Burnside, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7444
e-mail: mburnside@oldrepublictitle.com

Allison Blount
Allison Blount, Assistant
(713) 552-7352
e-mail: ablount@oldrepublictitle.com

Emily Mercer
Emily Mercer, Assistant
(713) 552-7396
e-mail: emercer@oldrepublictitle.com

Ruth Freeman, Assistant
(713) 552-7457
e-mail: rfreeman@oldrepublictitle.com

Leslie Kappler, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7441
e-mail: lkappler@oldrepublictitle.com

Tiffany Curtis, Assistant
(713) 552-7319
e-mail: tcurtis@oldrepublictitle.com

Audrey Thorpe, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7459
e-mail: athorpe@oldrepublictitle.com

Erica Sims, Assistant
(713) 552-7393
e-mail: esims@oldrepublictitle.com

Holly Russell, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7314
e-mail: hrussell@oldrepublictitle.com

Nadenne Sanchez, Assistant
(713) 552-7372
e-mail: nsanchez@oldrepublictitle.com

Lela Thompson, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7353
e-mail: lthompson@oldrepublictitle.com

Krista Good, Escrow Officer & CESA
(713) 552-7447
e-mail: kgood@oldrepublictitle.com

Cailey Stratton, Escrow Assistant
(713) 552-7307
e-mail: cstratton@oldrepublictitle.com

Corinna DeRouen, Escrow Assistant
(713) 552-7458
e-mail: cderouen@oldrepublictitle.com

Policy Department

Audra Jones, Head of Policy and Audit
e-mail: ajones1@oldrepublictitle.com

Residential Marketing

Elizabeth Borski
(713) 552-7316
e-mail: eborski@oldrepublictitle.com

Jodie Guarino Stocker
(713) 552-7350
e-mail: jstocker@oldrepublictitle.com

Heather Harvey
(713) 552-7446
e-mail: hharvey@oldrepublictitle.com

Mary Bea Wickman
(713) 552-7344
e-mail: mbwickman@oldrepublictitle.com

Stacy Epps
(713) 552-7309
e-mail: sepps@oldrepublictitle.com

Molly Evans
(713) 552-7450
e-mail: mevans@oldrepublictitle.com

Commercial Escrow Officers

Mindy Crawford,
Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7336
e-mail: mcrawford@oldrepublictitle.com

Mari Maher, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7365
e-mail: mmaher@oldrepublictitle.com

Elizabeth Meyers, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7348
e-mail: emeyers@oldrepublictitle.com

Heidi Andrews, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7335
e-mail: handrews@oldrepublictitle.com

Maria Subieta, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7332
e-mail: msubieta@oldrepublictitle.com

Anna Melass, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7362
e-mail: amelass@oldrepublictitle.com

Jennifer Smith, Assistant
(713) 552-7368
e-mail: jsmith3@oldrepublictitle.com

Lenel Riggs, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7331
e-mail: lriggs@oldrepublictitle.com

Jean Hicks, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7448
e-mail: jhicks@oldrepublictitle.com

Lavinia Longley, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7449
e-mail: llongley@oldrepublictitle.com

Commercial Marketing
See our Commercial Services page

Lyla Talbot
(713) 552-7354
e-mail: ltalbot@oldrepublictitle.com

Anne Louise Conway
(713) 552-7361
e-mail: aconway@oldrepublictitle.com

Greg Holmes
(713) 552-7359
e-mail: gholmes@oldrepublictitle.com

Dionne Peters
(713) 552-7376
e-mail: dpeters@oldrepublictitle.com

Jodie Guarino Stocker
(713) 552-7350
e-mail: jstocker@oldrepublictitle.com

Houston Operations - Title Plant
777 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 100
Houston, TX 77056
(713) 626-9220
(281) 715-5686 eFAX

Marc Carmona, Plant Manager
(713) 552-7439
e-mail: mcarmona@oldrepublictitle.com

Houston Operations - Champions Office
Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
19450 State Highway 249, Suite 170
Houston, TX 77070
(281) 890-5195
(281) 715-5689 eFAX
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Annie Cross, Branch Manager/Escrow Officer
e-mail: across@oldrepublictitle.com

Janis Spiller, Escrow Officer
e-mail: jspiller@oldrepublictitle.com

Jeannie Thompson, Escrow Officer
e-mail: jthompson2@oldrepublictitle.com

Tiffany Baranowski, Assistant
e-mail: tbaranowski@oldrepublictitle.com

Lisa Brooks, Escrow Assistant
e-mail: lbrooks@oldrepublictitle.com

Herminia Diaz, Receptionist/Assistant
habla español
e-mail: hdiaz@oldrepublictitle.com

Delisa Holland, Account Executive
e-mail: dholland@oldrepublictitle.com

Houston Operations - Tomball
Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
14245 FM 2920 Rd., Suite 110
Tomball, TX 77377
(281) 255-0364
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Driving Directions

Melissa Dunkirk
Branch Manager/Escrow Officer

Shawn Fiddes
Escrow Assistant

Brooke Rickett
Escrow Officer

Ashley Brocato
Escrow Assistant

Jennifer Rhodes, Escrow Officer

Lacey Casper, Escrow Assistant

Janice Kolin-Anderson, Account Executive

Liliana Hardee , Escrow Assistant

Nona Melonson, Receptionist

Houston Operations - Kingwood Office
Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
4505 Kingwood Drive, Suite 200
Kingwood, TX 77345
(281) 358-2146
(281) 715-5687 eFAX
Driving Directions

Tara Anderson, Branch Manager/Account Executive

Kendra Cox, Escrow Officer

Jessy Gonzalez, Escrow Officer
Hablo Espanol

Andrea Peterson, Escrow Officer

Denise Kuciemba, Escrow Officer

Sarah McMullen, Escrow Assistant

Kim Kirsch, Receptionist

Houston Operations - Memorial Green
Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
12505 Memorial Drive, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77024
(713) 465-1137

Driving Directions

Debbie Steinle, Branch Manager/Escrow Officer
e-mail: DSteinle@oldrepublictitle.com

Stefan Monauni, Escrow Officer
e-mail: smonauni@oldrepublictitle.com

Susan Clark, Account Executive
e-mail: susanclark@oldrepublictitle.com

Michelle Peterson, Account Executive
e-mail: mpeterson@oldrepublictitle.com

Houston Operations - Sugar Land
Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
4690 Sweetwater Blvd., Suite # 290
Sugar Land, TX 77479
(281) 265-9500
(281) 715-5688 eFAX
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Kelli Quijada, Branch Manager/Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7327
e-mail: kquijada@oldrepublictitle.com

Hoyee Lee, Asian Market Development Manager/Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7334
e-mail: hlee@oldrepublictitle.com

Tracy Boyd, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7324
e-mail: tboyd@oldrepublictitle.com

Lisa Brillhart, Escrow Officer
(713) 552-7312
e-mail: lbrillhart@oldrepublictitle.com

Cookie Mangine, Director of Sales, West Houston and Fort Bend County
(281) 513-7529
e-mail: cmangine@oldrepublictitle.com

Dana Saranathan, Account Executive
(713) 309-5143
e-mail: dsaranathan@oldrepublictitle.com

Marilyn Wester, Receptionist
e-mail: mwester@oldrepublictitle.com

Southwest Regional Operations

Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
777 Post Oak Blvd.
Suite 240
Houston, TX 77056
(713) 877-1780