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Policy production is often a matter that gets delayed in the settlement process.  One solution is to issue policies at the time of settlement.  No longer do you need to have the recording receipt in hand to issue a policy, whether an Owner’s policy or a Lender’s policy.  A more efficient alternative, one that decreases the time spent with lenders asking for the policy, you simply process the policy with the effective date shown as "date and time of recordation."  


How does it work?

  1. 1.      Prior to settlement, once you are sure settlement will occur, issue policy jackets to the file and have the policies printed.

    2.      For effective date say “date and time of recordation.”

    3.      Attach Privacy Notice (Old Republic’s and yours if you use a separate Notice) to the Owner’s policy.

    4.      Give the Owner(s) his policy at settlement. 

    5.      Send the Lender’s policy with the final package.



  1. It's easy, fast and efficient.

  2. Cuts down on delivery costs to Owner and Lender.

  3. Cuts down on responding to Lender requests for policies.

  4. If the county/city in which you record will mail original documents when you provide a stamped envelope, rather than having the deed and deed of trust returned to you for you to send to the proper party, have it mailed directly to the lender or homeowner.  If for any reason the original is misdirected, you can always obtain a Clerk's certified copy.

  5. Makes your lenders very happy with you. 


Questions?  Please contact Kate Blake-Endicott @ 302.734.3570.


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