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UNDERWRITING Bulletin No. 13


TO:                    All Delaware Agents

FROM:              Kate Blake-Endicott

DATE:               September 27, 2011

SUBJECT:      Elimination of Creditor’s Rights Coverage




This Bulletin supersedes all previous Bulletins pertaining to Creditor’s Rights Risk.

Effective immediately, Creditor’s Rights coverage, whether in the form of a specific endorsement

or in the use of a 1970 Policy or any similar Policy that provides creditor’s rights coverage for the

current transaction, is hereby eliminated. This action is being taken as a result of the recent

addition of Section 2502-006 to the Texas Insurance Code which prohibits a title insurance

company from doing business in Texas if that title insurance company provides current

transaction creditor’s rights coverage to a named insured anywhere in the United States. The only

exception to this prohibition is if the laws of a given state require that such coverage be given and

in those cases, approval of the Corporate Legal Department is required.

If the use of a 1970 Policy or any similar Policy that provides creditor’s rights coverage for the

current transaction is authorized, then the following separate exception must be taken in Schedule B:


Any claim, which arises out of the transaction creating the interest insured by this policy by

reason of the operation of federal bankruptcy, state insolvency, or similar creditors' rights laws.

Any questions concerning this issue should be referred to the Corporate Legal Department.





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