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In the news ...   Wednesday, February 06, 2013



The first release of our new CPL 3.0 version system has been completed and is scheduled to be launched the weekend of February 9th.  Here are a few of the significant enhancements to the new CPL 3.0 version:


            A New Enhanced  Look to the Letter Request Form


            Ability to Update (next release), Cancel or Close an Existing Letter


            The Order Number is now Required for Single Transaction Letters, Allowing for Additional

            searching Options for Locating Letters to be Updated, Cancelled or Closed.


            A New Letter Activity Report Showing all Letter Activity for your Agent Number, including

            Updated, Canceled or Closed Letters


What this means to you, our Valued Agent?


ü    On Monday, February 11th when you access the CPL system you will see this new version.  Attached you will find “Closing Protection Letter Application - What's New in CPL 3.0” which shows screen shots of these enhancements.  We have also attached a “QUICK GUIDE FOR USING THE NEW CPL 3.0 VERSION” document to walk you through the new system.  Next week we will post a Starslink brief Training Video. 


ü    The CPL and Agent Verification systems will be unavailable for use from Friday, February 8th at 10:00 PM CST until Saturday, February 9th at 2:00 PM CST during this upgrade.  On Thursday, February 7th a reminder announcement will be place on the current CPL system to communicate the upgrade and system unavailability to all CPL users.


ü    The first release of the new CPL system will NOT include the update letter capability.  Updating letters through CPL web services will be made available in the next release of CPL which is currently underway.


ü    Once the new CPL 3.0 system implementation is complete, all of the existing CPL letter data and lookup lists for Agent Contacts, Lenders, Branch Offices, and Closing Attorneys will still be available and accessible in the new system.  However, out IT department must complete some minimal data conversion and cleanup efforts in order for the new CPL 3.0 features to function properly.  The data conversion and cleanup process will include setting a Status to all existing letters in order to utilize the Update, Cancel and Close features and removing any text from phone numbers and fax numbers due to formatting validations in the system.  The specifics of this process are as follows:


·         All existing CPLs generated prior to January 1, 2013 will receive a “Closed” status and all existing CPLs generated January 1, 2013 or after will receive an “Active” status.  The impact of this will be the ability for any existing letters in the CPL system that are in an “Active” status to be modified using the new Update features of CPL 3.0.  Those existing letters in a “Closed” status will not be updateable and will need to have a new CPL generated if modifications are required.  By closing all CPLs prior to January 1, 2013, this will give us a clean cutoff for future fees reporting capabilities that will be added into the CPL system in an upcoming release.


·        Phone numbers and fax numbers in the new CPL 3.0 will NOT allow TEXT to be entered into the field.  Existing phone and fax numbers will be automatically cleaned to remove any text located in these two data fields during the CPL 3.0 implementation.  The impact of this will be any older phone numbers or fax numbers included in the lookup of lists for Agent Contacts, Lenders, Branch Offices, and Closing Attorneys that have additional text included in the field will be modified to remove the text and only contain numbers. The current CPL system already validates phone and fax numbers and requires the correct format, so the cleanup effort should affect mostly older data that has not been recently used in the CPL system.


Thank you for your patience during the upcoming implementation of the new CPL 3.0 Version system.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jennifer Pilla or Linda Webber at 800-722-0784 or 302-734-3570 or jpilla@oldrepublictitle.com or lwebber@oldrepublictitle.com.


 Please note that this Bulletin is for Old Republic agents and employees only and may not be disseminated, emailed or distributed to third parties without consent of Old Republic Tile.



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