See Eno and Hovey, Massachusetts Practice - Real Estate Law with Forms, West Publishing Co., (Third Edition), references the Commissioner of Revenue directives and rulings regarding circumstances where the deed stamp tax otherwise due under Chapter 64D, Section 1 would not apply:

Divorce Transfers.    Revenue Directive 82-70

Bona fide gifts.    Revenue Directive 89-16

Statutory mergers of corporations.    Revenue Directive 89-17

Lease: "A lease for ten years renewable  Letter Ruling 79-52 for an additional ten years, is not taxable; a lease for 99 years is taxable."

Sale to Housing Authority: Taxable if to    Letter Ruling 80-87 a municipal agency; not if to an agency of the Commonwealth.

Dissolution of Corporation: Nontaxable    Letter Ruling 82-82 if real estate is conveyed to shareholders in complete dissolution.

Dissolution of Corporation or Mass.    Letter Ruling 84-20

Business (Corporate) Trust:

Nontaxable if real estate is transferred to share-holders in a complete liquidation.

Corporate Stock Transfer: Taxable    Letter Ruling 90-91where proprietary lease is transferred with the stock.

Federally Sponsored Corporation: FDIC   Revenue Directive 91-2 and Resolution Trust Corporation are exempt as federal agencies. FHMC (Freddie Mac) and FNMA (Fannie Mae) are government sponsored private corporations, but are specifically exempt from taxation by statute. See 12 U.S.C.A., §1452(d); also 12 U.S.C.A., §1732a(c)(2).