National Commercial Title Services Directory

Specifically for the commercial marketplace, Old Republic National Commercial Title Services has assembled the products and services needed to meet the evolving needs of today's businesses. No other company is as strongly positioned to meet so many of America's business requirements. Through a single source, Old Republic National Commercial Title Services can offer the tools designed to bring you a clear advantage in the marketplace - whether your project is large, single or a multi-state transaction, we've got you covered!

Our service and product offerings include:

Title Insurance and Search Services

Old Republic National Commercial Title Services serves commercial customers from regional service centers across the nation. Each one offers single-point service for every client, regardless of size, complexity, or geographic diversity of the properties.

1031 Exchange Services

The fundamental advantages of a tax deferred exchange may be utilized to diversify, consolidate or leverage your investment portfolio. With respect to real property, the broad definition of "like kind" provides investors with numerous options to accomplish their investment goals.

Commercial Land Surveys*

Land surveys for all property types are prepared in accordance with the 2005 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements, as adopted by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSM).

Property Condition Assessments*

This report assesses the general condition of the subject property - buildings, site and other improvements.

Environmental Studies*

An environmental site assessment (ESA) identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities on the subject property.

Zoning Letters and Reports*

Zoning letters identify the zoning of the property and its permitted use and are presented on the municipality's letterhead.

Commercial Appraisal Services*

Old Republic Title uses only state-certified general appraisers who have achieved MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute for its commercial appraisal report services.

Flood Zone Surveys*

Old Republic Title provides Flood Zone Determinations and Flood Elevation Certificates for commercial properties. Flood Zone Determinations adhere to the Standard Flood Hazard Determination form and state whether or not the subject property and/or the structural improvement lies within a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).

*These products are developed and issued by Old Republic Site Management Services, a division of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, and/or Old Republic Diversified Services, Inc., a sister company of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.