Maximum Impact 2014

Old Republic Title wants to have a maximum impact on our customers and their business. Introducing the second of a four part series: Gear Up. During the second quarter of 2014 we will be helping you gear up during the Spring season heading into summer.   Your success is our success!

Accelerating Your Pipeline - March 28, 2014

Now that we're moving into the 2nd quarter of 2014, don't get caught up in the day to day business where you stop looking for clients. Keep that business flowing! Never forget to maintain that constant focus on keeping your business pipeline full by continuing your personal marketing and persistence.

Texas Intestacy Chart (Real Property Only) - April 08, 2014

Simple Home Staging - April 16, 2014

It may be that home staging, or its absence, could affect the timing of the sale of a home, if not its potential for the same. Here are some ideas to get a home ready for a busy Spring and Summer season.

Enhanced Coverage - May 09, 2014